Sustainable fashion and the commitment to a textile production that respects the environment are becoming protagonists in the fashion industry fairs of 2020 throughout Europe. The goal shared by the companies is to convert the fashion production system towards environmental sustainability.

A commitment that the Consorzio Italiano Implementazione Detox, together with its 36 member companies, has been carrying out since 2016 and and which this year is enriched with the enhancement of the The Time is Now! New Citizen 1.5, the project born from the collaboration with IED and Greenpeace Italia.

Il tema della sostenibilità è protagonista alle fiere del tessile 2020

Pitti Filati and sustainable textile production

In February, sustainability in the fashion industry was the protagonist in three important European fairs: Pitti Filati in Florence, Milano Unica and Première Vision in Paris. Eight of our companies were present, from 22 to 24 January, at Pitti Filati’s 86th edition: Filati Bemiva, Filati Biagioli Modesto, Filatura Papi Fabio, Ilaria Manifattura Lane, Industria Italiana Filati, Lanificio dell’Olivo and Pecci Filati.

A part of the event was dedicated to “Sustainable”, the project for sustainability in the fashion supply chain. In their stands, the Detox companies have brought new fashion and lifestyle trends, showing that Made in Italy excellence can also be sustainable.

Milano Unica, the Sustainability Project on stage

During Milano Unica, from 4 to 6 February, the real protagonist of the fair was the Sustainability Project. Three days in which the companies brought on stage the fabrics and accessories made with sustainable and innovative materials and technologies. A real challenge for the future, where the greater creative and stylistic content goes hand in hand with the commitment to ecological fashion.
The company member of the Consorzio Detox Manifattura Emmetex, which for years for its textile production has invested in research, was present at the 29th edition of the Milan fair.


Première Vision, focus on sustainable fashion and innovation

At the Première Vision fair in Paris, staged from 11 to 13 February in the French capital, eco-sustainability has conquered everyone. In pavilion n.3 dedicated to “Smart Creations”, fashion that respects the environment was staged with workshops, debates, catwalks and an exhibition on the topic of biomimetic.

Furpile Idea, Lanificio Bellucci, Lanificio Europa, Manifattura Emmetex, Marini Industrie and Texmoda Tessuti have presented a selection of eco-responsible collections that demonstrate how innovation is fundamental to reduce toxic substances for humans and the environment by clothing.